Gardens build communities so The Edible Balcony team is very committed to supporting neighbourhoods with their greening projects. Here are a few we’re involved with…
Wayside Chapel

wayside with city skyline

High up on the roof of Wayside is our blossoming community garden. With a view stretching across the Sydney skyline and a beautiful array of flowers and vegetables, the garden is a must-see feature of our new building. Since opening in July, the rooftop garden has come to life. The garden is a community space as well as a place to teach living and vocational skills…  more.


James St Reserve

uTsuOL8paXzQ6ubngpD-KztSQ2LqKZX3tok6YKTzC5kThe Edible Balcony’s horticulturalist Jon Kingston was one of the driving forces behind the creation and on-going management of the famous James St Reserve  Community garden in Redfern. This is a story about how neighbours can come together – despite the odds – to build a better community. And there’s no better way of building community than with a garden. Read the full story here on our blog .


Oz Harvest

oz harvest food wasteAt noon on Monday, 29 July, some of the nation’s top chefs, media identities, politicians and members of the public, along with hundreds of OzHarvest volunteers took a pledge to reduce food waste at the inaugural Feeding the 5000 events, presented by OzHarvest, held in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

A fascinating panel discussion brought together speakers from all areas of sustainability including: Joost Bakker, Indira Naidoo, Annabella Sao, Ronni Kahn, Shaid Shah and Professor Veena Sahajwalla lead by MC Stuart Gregor, debating what consumers and businesses can do to improve and innovate in order to reduce food waste and the impact on the environment. Read more about Feed 5000 here.


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wayside with city skyline

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